Height: Six one-ish
Age: 45
Years Tattooing: 22
Years as an artist: Since I was a wee baby boy.
Favorite Medium: Water colors, oils and of course skin.
Style: Large tattoos that flow with the body.
Published in: Tattoo Artist, International Tattoo, Hard Rock Magazine, 944, Skinny.
Favorite Band: Leonard Cohen, Radio Head, Two Gallants, Yann Tierson
Favorite Food: Spanish Mackrel, slow smoked ribs, and venison backstrap… especially the way my brother makes it.
Favorite Thing Ever: My family!

Aaron Della Vedova

A tattooer of approximately 22 years, Aaron started his career in his hometown of Las Vegas and had a small one year stint in Portland Oregon. The past 20 years of his career have been spent in the beautiful beach community of San Diego known as Pacific Beach.
Although a lot of his notoriety has been gained through his large, bold and brightly colored custom tattoos, he is constantly pushing the boundaries and greatly enjoys working in all different styles of tattooing. When he is not tattooing you will generally find Aaron spending time with his beautiful wife, two daughters and son, painting or riding his bike.  Take a look at Aaron’s portfolio and decide for yourself if you think his style is right for your next tattoo.  For more current pictures of Aaron’s tattooing including shots of progress on his latest projects check him out on Instagram at AaronDellaVedova_art.

To Book an Appointment

Thank you for your interest in getting tattooed by Aaron!  Due to high demand Aaron can only take on a handful of new clients a year.  Mostly he is interested in large projects such as full back pieces, front torso, rib to full leg sleeve and so on.  However, he still enjoys doing smaller one or two session pieces if the idea is right.   In either case, if you are interested in getting an appointment with Aaron, shoot him an email that includes a basic description of the idea you have in mind and he will get back to you at his earliest convenience. Thank you again for your interest in the work of Aaron Della Vedova and we look forward to seeing you at the shop soon. Glorious!

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