Height: 5’11
Age: 37
Years Tattooing: 15
Years as an artist: All my life
Favorite Medium: Tattoos, Traditional Illustration and Mixed Media
Style: New twists on classic imagery, deeply researched and highly refined.
Published: Tattoo Magazine, ITA, Skin+Ink, TAM, Flash, Illustrated Quarterly, PB magazine, several books from Monsa
Publications, the Tattoo Flash Project series
Favorite Band: Thoughtful Silence
Favorite Food: Veal, marinated in baby panda with a side of freshly clubbed seal cub.
Favorite Thing Ever: Illegal in four states

About Cooper

Cooper has spent about fifteen years tattooing between Colorado, California and Hawaii, in addition to regular international and domestic guest spots and conventions. Being an illustrator at heart he specializes in drawing people, animals and figures distorted and refined through a unique personal lens, often integrating patterns and the abstract to create something truly unique and highly specialized.

Cooper enjoys working in any style but most enjoys the chance to be innovative and create something uniquely tailored to the deeper meanings of your artistic desires.  A heavy influence from classical art keeps an emphasis on bold and flowing compositions combined with aesthetically complimentary harmony of the contours of the customers body. Cooper is under high demand here and is frequently booked but do not be afraid to approach him with any ideas large or small of any style.  Often there are ways to fit small and fun tattoos in between his regular large scale work.

To see more of his art go to his:

Instagram page at @the_superstition

or his personal website at  TheSuperstition.com or follow the links page there.

To Book an Appointment

Email Cooper with your ideas and even if he is not the right artist for you he will always help you to find the artist that is best suited to get the most out of your tattoo idea.  He is most often busy working on very large multiple session projects and has a substantial wait but Cooper almost always makes room for smaller tattoos for collectors who would like a tattoo of his own personal style.  High demand determines that there may need to be some patience in getting an email response but rest assured that it will come as soon as he is able to give you the attention that your ideas deserve.

Ask Cooper of you would like to be a part of the “Gold Club” series of collector tattoos.  A project that will showcase 100 small collector tattoos (1 to 2 sittings, approximately hand sized tattoos for 500$ each) of Coopers design and choosing that will be made into a book showing the drawings with the finished product.

Email: onesidedless@gmail.com

Instagram @the_superstition


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