Height: 5’8
Age: 42
Years Tattooing: 18
Years as an artist: 25
Favorite Medium: Skin, oil
Style: Modern, cubist, botanical, Asian
Published in: Int. Tattoo Art, Skin Deep, BME, Freshly Inked
Favorite Band: mmm… too hard
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Thing Ever: Jacinda

About Fabrizio Divari

Fabrizio is a self-taught artist with influences in modern art, traditional oriental, as well as flora and fauna illustration.

Since opening his first studio in 1996, Fabrizio has travelled extensively working in various shops in Milan, Costa Rica, Miami, Trinidad, NYC, San Diego and Toronto, where he now runs a well established parlor in the heart of Parkdale.

Mr. Divari sill makes a point of stepping out of his normal schedule a few times a year to work alongside colleagues he admires in select establishments around the world.

To Book an Appointment

Fabrizio will be joining the crew May 3rd-5th, 2017 at Guru Tattoo Little Italy for a short guest spot. You can contact Fabrizio directly by emailing info@fabriziodivari.com or using the contact form above. Also, follow him on Instagram (@fabriziodivaritattoos) for updates on his schedule or to see his work as it’s completed.

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