Height: 6′ 1″
Age: unknown
Years Tattooing: 7+
Years as an artist: All my life
Favorite Medium: Anything and everything I can create art on!!!!.
Style: Photorealism, Traditional Americana, and Illustrative
Published in: Tattoo Magazine
Favorite Band: Lucero
Favorite Food: Cali burrito!!!!
Favorite Thing Ever: San Diego

About Mateo Robles

Mateo has been an artist “Pretty much since I could hold a pencil” he says. Growing up in Southern California, it was only natural to be drawn to its special lifestyle and cultures. Art, Skateboarding , Surfing, and Kustom Kulture quickly became part of his life as well as an influence in his art. Mateo explains “It was a natural progression to be a part of all that and eventually become a Tattoo Artist.”

He enjoys all styles and aspects of tattooing but prefers black and grey photo realism and traditional Americana.”I always look forward to taking someones idea for a tattoo, and turning it into reality. That’s my favorite part of the process… to connect with my clients, to see, draw and design what they are thinking. To give them the best tattoo I can.”

To see his work as it’s completed, follow @mateorobles_tattoo on Instagram.

To Book an Appointment

If you are interested in getting a tattoo from Mateo, please contact him at mateo@gurutattoo.com. In your email please leave your name, number and a brief description and placement of your tattoo idea. You can also book an appt by calling the PB shop at (858) 270-1070. Thanks!

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