Height: 5’11
Age: 35
Years Tattooing:11
Years as an artist: Forever
Favorite Medium: Water color, ink ‘n wash
Style: Illustrative and captivating
Published in: Hi Fructose, Blue Canvas
Favorite Band: Fugazi
Favorite Food: Vegetarian
Favorite Thing Ever: Pizza

About Tom Haubrick

Tom Haubrick was born in Pasadena Ca. He began drawing at a young age, but started to take art seriously after reading way too many comic books, instead of doing high school homework. In 2002 he was introduced to the tattoo world through his band mates, and landed a apprenticeship in Pasadena that fall. In 2004, Tom and some fellow coworkers left that first shop and started Nice Guy Tattoo in Arcadia, Ca.

Once the shop was established and he had a stable clientele Tom began painting in his free time. He now actively shows in galleries across the country. His style is rooted in comics, turn of the century illustration, and surrealism. You can see most of his work on www.tomhaubrick.com. He is on a constant quest to improve his artwork to new levels so he looks forward to be working with the amazing artists at Guru Tattoo.

To Book an Appointment

His currently taking walk-ins but does prefer appointments. Please call the shop (858) 270-1070 or feel free to contact him at tom@gurutattoo.com. For updates on his travel dates or to see his newest work as it’s completed follow @haubs on Instagram.

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