Aaron Della Vedova

Although much of his notoriety has been gained through large, bold and brightly colored custom tattoos, Aaron Della Vedova is also known for constantly pushing creative boundaries with every artistic medium he works in. Back piece and sleeve tattoos, full leg sleeve and torso tattoos are all common place in his portfolio. Dramatic landscapes adorn with women, fierce animals, flora, geometric designs, natural elements, and filigree tattoos are all ways to describe his style.

When he is not tattooing, you can find Aaron spending time with his beautiful wife, two daughters and son, painting or traveling the world. Not to mention owning and operating the world-class tattoo art collective know as Guru Tattoo.

Take a look at Aaron’s portfolio and decide for yourself if you think his style is right for your next tattoo. For the most current examples of Aaron’s work, including progress shots of his latest projects, be sure to check out @aarondellavedova_art on Instagram.

To Book an Appointment

Aaron can be found tattooing at both Guru Tattoo locations, but due to high demand, he can only take on a handful of new clients at each shop throughout the year. Mostly he is interested in large projects such as full back pieces, torsos, rib to full leg sleeves and so on. However, Aaron does enjoy smaller one or two session pieces if the idea is right. In either case, if you are interested in setting an appointment then shoot him an email at aaron@gurutattoo.com or fill out our consultation request form. Please include a basic description of the idea you have in mind and he will get back to you at his earliest convenience.

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