About Champion Grubbs

Champion Grubbs, a long time artist and tattooer at Guru Tattoo, offers everything from large scale brightly colored and black & grey works to smaller one and two session pieces. His portfolio represents many genres including realism, surrealism, illustrative, black and grey, full color, and even some traditional Americana.

This year Champ wants to incorporate more mandalas and geometric patterns into his work. With a special focus on projects that draw inspiration from eastern art with roots in Hindu and Buddhist cultures, or projects revolving around other asian mythology.

Keep up with his most recent work by following Champ on Instagram @championtattoos and visit www.champgrubbs.com.

To Book an Appointment

The tattoo process generally begins with a consultation. Email Champ your ideas at champ@gurutattoo.com, or call our Pacific Beach location for more information. You can also reach him directly through our online consultation request form.