About Cooper

Cooper enjoys working in all styles, but being an illustrator at heart, he prefers drawing people, animals and figures both distorted and refined. A heavy influence from classical art keeps an emphasis on bold and flowing compositions for all of Cooper’s work. Through his unique lens, he integrates patterns and abstract perspective to create truly unique Deco-pulp, Sci-fi and High-fi illustrations. Not to mention his signature style of Pin-ups, Pulp and Dapper Devils.

Ask him of you would like to be a part of the “Golden Road” series of collector tattoos. A project that will showcase 100 small collector tattoos designed and chosen by him that will be made into a book showing the drawings with the finished product. All pieces are approx. hand sized (1-2 session) tattoos for 500$ each.

To see more of his work follow @the_superstition or visit his personal website at  TheSuperstition.com.

To Book an Appointment

Cooper is under high demand and is generally booked for out months, but feel free to approach him with any idea large or small. His primary focus is on large scale, multi-session projects, and has a substantial wait time, but can often find a way to accommodate collectors who would like a smaller piece in his style.

To Inquire about getting tattooed, email bookingforCooper@gmail.com with your ideas. His response time can vary throughout the year, but rest assured that he will reply as soon as possible. In order to give you the attention that your ideas deserve this means wait times can last for days or weeks in many cases. If he feels your project is not the right fit however, Cooper will always help you to find an artist suited for your tattoo.