About Eddie Stacey

Our highly anticipated guest artist, Eddie Stacey from Ink & Dagger Tattoo, is coming to San Diego for a short guest spot here at Guru Tattoo January 25-26th, 2017. His portfolio includes wildly imaginative and illustrative tattoos, but also includes awesome black and grey as well. Oh, and sloths. Lots of those guys. All in all, his skill level is top-notch, and we expect him to attract collectors from all over southern California to come get tattooed.

Check out more of his work, and get the most current updates from @eddiestacey on Instagram.

To Book an Appointment

As of 1/17/17 Eddie has a couple of spots open, but don’t delay because availability is limited. To inquire about getting tattooed, please contact inkanddaggeratl@gmail.com or give us a call at 619-232-1011.