About Fabrizio Divari

It takes a single look at Fabrizio Divari’s portfolio to see his work is heavily influenced by modern art, traditional oriental, and illustrations based on flora and fauna. What may not be so obvious is his respect for the craft of tattooing and every other medium of art. His perspective is unique and each of his designs are completely one of a kind. If you live in or around San Diego, CA and love brightly colored, abstract or modern tattoos then catch Fabrizio during his next guest spot here at Guru Tattoo.

To Book an Appointment

Fabrizio Divari is joining us May 3rd-5th, 2017 at Guru Tattoo Little Italy for a short guest spot and is now accepting appointments. You can contact Fabrizio directly by emailing info@fabriziodivari.com or using the contact form below. Also, follow him on Instagram (@fabriziodivaritattoos) for updates on his schedule or to see his work as it’s completed.