Yushi Japanese Tattoo

About Yushi

Yushi, our Japanese tattoo specialist, has dedicated over a decade to traveling the world mastering his craft. Words like fierce, dramatic, bold, and beautiful are frequently used to described his work. If you are interested in any type of asian influenced design then we highly recommend Yushi for your next piece. In addition to making incredible tattoos, he is also a talented artist in many mediums. Check out the amazing body suit he created for the Guru Tattoo Commitment II art show.

In the past, you would find him at his studio in either Los Angeles or Seoul. However as of late 2016 you can find him in San Diego, CA as a resident artist at Guru Tattoo, and we are super exited we are to have him on board! For even more information, visit www.yushitattoo.com or follow his work @yushitattoo.

Interested in a Japanese Tattoo?

Yushi is currently accepting new cliental in the San Diego area. The process officially begins with a consultation, and in many cases can result in starting your new tattoo in a matter of days or weeks. Email your ideas to yushi@gurutattoo.com, and set up an in-person visit at our Little Italy location. You can also request a consultation via our online contact form.