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Guest artist Clara Sinclair

Our recent guest artist Clara Sinclair seemed to enjoy her trip down here to sunny San Diego! We hope she had a blast. If you follow either @GuruTattoo or @ClaraSinclairTattoo on Instagram then you may have seen posts about her stay, but incase you missed ’em we have a few cool pics to share since her arrival.

Our fans on IG really fell in love with Clara’s filigree Darth Vader tattoo that we posted. It took the top spot last month for # of likes on our profile with almost 4,000 people tapping the screen. Actually, by the next day @yalzee and @inkedmag both reposted the same tattoo and it racked up another 20k double taps. Not to shabby!

Also, one of Clara’s So Cal clients @SarahOnTheInternet brought her photog buddy along for her appointment, and boy were we glad. What a cool shot! It’s always nice to see people sharing their experience here at the shop (this is the Little Italy location btw) especially when they have some 200k followers online. Thanks Sarah!

While Clara tattooed a bunch of people, here are a couple of our faves. If you ever find yourself in London, or at some really awesome StarWars convention somewhere, then keep an eye out for Clara Sinclair. You can find her currently tattooing at Jolie Rough Tattoo, and if you go, tell ’em Guru Tattoo sent you!

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