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Guru Tattoo on Pinterest

Our newest and arguably our favorite young social media platform is Pinterest.com (and it’s not because we’re into scrapbooking and baking n’stuff). It’s the tattoos. Similar to Instagram and Tumblr there is a heavy emphasis on photos, and just about every good tattooer has at least one of their tattoos posted and pinned and shared all over that site. Why do we like it? Well, it’s got elements from all of the best sites. You can “like” something, you can share, follow, comment, upload and even link to outside sources. Most of all, it’s a really easy way to organize a ton of photos! We have over 900 photos on our Instagram, and if you’ve ever tried to scroll through a feed that long then you know it can make you go cross eyed.


On Pinterest, we have over a dozen separate boards each dedicated to their own theme or artist, and the number of photos posted is already nearing 400, but we are missing one crucial component. You! If you have an account then we invite you to follow the shop, and if you don’t have an account then you are welcome to check us out anyways (it’s public). Here’s the link -> Guru Tattoo




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