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In Progress w/ Jeff Gogue

A couple of weeks ago, San Diego was graced with the presence of one of our favorite people in the world (and quite possibly one of the best in the tattoo industry) Mr. Jeff Gogue. His work is absolutely amazing both on skin and on canvas, and if you have not seen his work yet then check him out! We’ll provide a link to his IG at the end of this post!

While we would like to think he came all the way from Grants Pass, OR. just to give us tattoos, we speculate Jeff had another reason (like run the Rock n’ Roll Marathon) he’s a beast like that. However, as luck would have it, our fearless leader Aaron Della Vedova has a big leg sleeve in progress by Gogue, and naturally these guys took advantage of the opportunity to put in a few hours on this piece. It’s looking like it’s coming together nicely.

It takes real commitment to complete any large scale tattoo (especially when your tattooer lives in another state), but when you see the quality of this man’s portfolio it becomes clear why collectors travel from far and wide to get tattooed by Jeff. Take a minute to follow him on IG @GogueArt, or if you are feeling really adventurous, you can find him at Off the Map Tattoo. It will be worth the trip just to see him in action!

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